What to Eat at the Breakfast Buffet

Today’s breakfast fundraiser for the Mayor was an EASY one for food — I ordered the buffet menu myself, so I knew exactly what to stack on my plate before I stepped foot in the door.   The full spread by the Rockfish restaurant in Annapolis included steaming scrambled eggs, crispy French toast, bagels with cream cheese, bacon, sausage, potatoes, and mixed fresh-cut fruit.

What did I choose?  Well, a big plate of half eggs and half fresh fruit, of course.  Bottom line:  Go for two heaping servings of lean protein with plenty of fresh fruit, avoiding buffet carb traps and sweets.

Do I have my usual photos?  No!  With little sleep last night preparing for this early morning fundraiser, I was busy as the bouncer and cruise director.

Oh well, here’s a shot of Mayor Josh Cohen and I waiting to start the political show.  No food pics.  Just politics today!

Stay healthy out there, everyone!



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