Exercising on Vacation: Healthy Skinny Traveling

How do I stay on my fitness track while traveling?  Exercising on family vacations is much easier when planned for first thing in the morning.  Now, it’s a healthy tradition for our entire family.  The secret is to make it fun and not a dreaded activity.

Right after a good breakfast, I take everyone on a one hour, quick-paced “tourist walk” around the town, trails or beach.  Or, we rent bikes for one hour.

Then no matter *what* occurs for the rest of the day, at least we were active in the morning, often before the weather gets too hot.  It’s also a great way to discover new streets, hidden gems and beautiful scenery.

My bonus exercise on vacation depends on the schedule of the day, but sometimes I squeeze in a run before everyone wakes.  Or do some yoga power moves and stretches.

Throughout the day, we try to walk everywhere and limit the use of the car.  If you are free of kids when traveling, look for local gyms for one-day passes, yoga classes on the beach, or creative ways to exercise.  As a great example, my father loves to rent a kayak for guided tours when vacationing near the waters.

Bottom line for Easy Skinny Life Exercising on Vacation:  One hour walk after breakfast no matter what.  Train the kids when young to start the tradition.  After that, it’s all bonus physical activity, or lounging on the beach, or even napping!

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