Skinny Review: Eating Healthy at Texas Roadhouse

Texas Steakhouse

Skinny Pick:  6 oz Dallas Filet, ordered with:

  • Two sides of Mixed Vegetables, no butter
  • Sweet Potato, ordered plain. 

It’s déjà vu all over again!  My visit with the relatives took me to yet another steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse, which was very similar to Outback Steakhouse.  After pouring over the menu and slabs of raw meat greeting me at the front entrance, it was obvious that the 6 oz filet mignon at about 500 calories or less is the leanest and purest of the selections, just like Outback.

Each entrée comes with two sides.  Order the vegetables with no butter and order your baked sweet potato plain.  I like to order an additional side of vegetables, too.

The sweet potato was my one main carb, yet I will warn you that it’s extremely hard to resist the steaming fresh white flour empty calorie rolls with melted butter that were served in baskets as soon as we were seated.  Oh my.  For that reason alone, I would choose Outback with its easy-to-pass-up bread over this Texas temptation.   .

Skip the salads as a side!  The only low-fat dressing is Ranch, and that’s never a calorie bargain.  The house salads also come with eggs and cheddar cheese.  Believe me, with all of the good lean protein from the filet mignon, no bonus protein or fat is needed in your sides.  It just ends up as bonus calories.

Skinny Pick Runner Up:  It’s unusual not to have a runner-up entree, but none make the cut.  The Texas Chili appetizer could be paired with a plain potato and vegetable sides to build your own entree.  With the other entree selections named “Road Kill” and “Slabs of Ribs”, by example, it sort of speaks for itself.

Vegetarians, just like at Outback, either stay home or BYOT (Bring Your Own Tofu).  There are no healthy entrees offered for you.  My sole suggestion is to get a house salad with the eggs and cheese, but dump the white-flour and fried croutons.  Ask for a little olive oil and vinegar or lemon to create your own salad dressing.  And for god’s sakes, stay away from cheese fries, baby blossoms, rattlesnake bites, tater tots and all other fried and greasy ‘vegetarian’ appetizers.

Keep in mind the Easy Skinny Life rule:  The dining out odds are against a lean and healthy life, so choose wisely, savor a great meal, and stick with me!

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