Skinny Review: Eating Healthy at Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse

Skinny Pick:  6 oz Victoria’s Filet, ordered with:

  • One side of steamed broccoli, no butter
  • One extra side of mixed vegetables, no butter
  • Sweet potato, ordered plain. 

Surprised at my top Skinny Pick?  Hey, this is a steakhouse after all!  The 6 oz filet mignon at about 500 calories or less is the leanest and purest of the red meat selections, with an added bonus of actually tasting the best.

Be certain to order the steamed vegetables with no butter and order your baked sweet potato plain.  If not, be prepared to have a huge scoop of lard with brown sugar on top of it, crushing all hopes for a light side.  The potato is my main carb, so I bypassed the bread and other starchy sides.

Skinny Pick Runner Ups include the Tilapia & Crab, the Salmon, or the Grilled Chicken on the Barbie, all around 500 calories, too.  Although lower in saturated fat than the steak, they do have two strikes against them.  First, they are all very high in sodium from the sauces and seasonings and second, this is a STEAK house.  An Easy Skinny Life is not about deprivation, so if you love a good steak once in a while, go for my top pick.

Another Skinny Pick Runner Up is the Lobster Tails entrée for the lowest calorie option with no butter at about 200 calories.  But again, this is a steakhouse. I’d prefer to crack my lobster tails on a romantic waterfront restaurant deck instead of a big box chain where the very friendly server sits down next to us while taking our order and calling us “guys” regardless of gender.  However, it is an option, although a more expensive option for non-steak eaters.

As a side note, the 6 oz Sirloin Steak offered is also around the same calories as the Filet Mignon, but only if it’s trimmed correctly.  Why take the chance on a tougher steak that doesn’t taste as good as the Filet?  More importantly, the Outback Special Sirloin Steak is prepared in salty seasonings and sauce.  No thanks.

Vegetarians, stay home or BYOT (Bring Your Own Tofu).  Seriously.  Other than a plain sweet potato and sides of steamed vegetables discreetly topped with some tofu or nuts from your purse, there are no options for any nutritional source of protein.  Forget the fatty salads and dressing, and don’t even think of ordering anything with the word “Bloomin” in it.  The vegetable soups are all salt traps with 2000 grams of sodium.

Outback does offer one vegetarian entrée, Fettuccine Alfredo, with nutrition-less white flour pasta for about 1000 empty calories and a whopping 1000 grams of sodium.  My vegetarian friends would be wiser to buy a bottle of wine at the restaurant and then eat at home afterwards.

Easy Skinny Life restaurant reviews may be brutal, but it’s always honest.  The dining out odds are against a lean and healthy life, so choose wisely, enjoy a great meal, and stick with me!


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4 Responses to Skinny Review: Eating Healthy at Outback Steakhouse

  1. Peggy says:

    Meal that you chose looked delicious. I may require a little butter on the side or some grated cheese. Forgive me!!

  2. If a sweet potato is baked long enough, it becomes super sweet like this one. I was surprised that it didn’t need even a tiny bit of butter flavor. Outback does a good job with them.

    Grated cheese on the vegetables is a great idea! Tonight, some cracked black pepper on my two orders of steamed vegetables worked well.

    With butter or grated cheese, it’s all about control. Order it on the side so YOU make the decision on how much, not someone in the back kitchen.

  3. Juliet says:

    Thanks, this is what I’ll be having for dinner tonight! :-)

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